"I was charged with a 3rd offense DUI and contacted Robert Vaughn. What an attorney! He defended me with great determination and accuracy. I recommend anyone in this situation to contact his office. My 3rd offense charge ended up a reckless driving and I am deeply grateful for his skill in defending my case." – A.B – Nashville, TN

We are glad you are here to find information on your DUI charge. You are looking for information, answers and possible outcomes. Most DUI clients are shocked and think a DUI or BUI (Boating Under the Influence) would never happen to them.

DUIs happen to people from all walks of life and whether you're a CDL License holder who is afraid of losing his job, a college student worried about this affecting your ability to get a job upon graduating or an executive type who knows what a DUI could do to your career, a DUI is a frightening and emotionally charged time for anyone. This is no time to "wait until the last minute to find an attorney". A DUI in Tennessee is a serious offense. There are new tougher laws with stricter penalties in effect as of Jan 1, 2011. This can have a negative impact on your job, family, and privilege to drive. This is not a time to put off finding a DUI lawyer and becoming prepared for your first court date. It is the time to book several consultations with attorneys and make your decision as to which one will mount a defense in your case. It is the time to hire an excellent DUI lawyer so that your case can get the proper time and care needed to perhaps prevent jailtime, loss of license and a DUI record that will follow you for life.

With an outstanding record of client satisfaction in DUI cases, Robert Vaughn UNDERSTANDS THE FEARS AND ANXIETIES THAT COME WITH A DUI AND/OR AN IMPLIED CONSENT CHARGE. We will work with 30+ years of experience to give you the defense you deserve. Hire an experienced DUI lawyer. Call now for an appointment - (615) 259-1230

Our clients have had all of these questions and more. Having the Law Office of Robert T. Vaughn as your defense can have a major impact on how your DUI is resolved. You need a Nashville DUI Attorney who is skilled, experienced and aggressive. You deserve a DUI Lawyer who will defend you and protect your rights. With 30 years of Criminal and DUI defense experience in Nashville and Middle Tennessee; Robert Vaughn is the Nashville Attorney of choice to handle your DUI case with aggressive skill while making sure that your rights are upheld. We invite you to take advantage of our initial free consultation to evaluate your case and answer your questions. WE DON'T JUDGE YOU, WE DEFEND YOU.

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1) What is a DUI?

In Tennessee, an individual may not drive or be in control of a vehicle if the blood alcohol content is .08 or more. It takes very little to achieve a blood-alcohol level in violation of law.

2) Should I take the breath test?

If you have had no alcohol, the test will prove you have not exceeded the state limits. If you question how much alcohol you have consumed, the breath test may prove disappointing for you. Because of the accuracy of the machines, they are presumed to be accurate and .08 blood alcohol level will get you arrested. You may choose not to blow. Understand that failing to take the breath test as requested by an officer with probable cause, may suspend your license for a period of one year.

3) Can I get a restricted license?

A restricted license is available to first offenders ONLY. If you have a DUI conviction on your record and plead to a second first-offense DUI, you are not eligible for a restricted license during your year of probation but the 2nd year of suspension is eligible for a restricted license. Failure to take the breathalyzer test may suspend your license for one year but one is eligible for a restricted license. Third and subsequent DUI convictions are not eligible for a restricted license of any kind.

4) What are DUI penalties?

1st Offense: 11/29 in jail, suspended, all but 48 hours (24 hours jail/24 hours trash pick-up), 11 months/29 days probation, $350.00 fine, alcohol safety school, various other probation responsibilities, loss of license for one year and court costs.

2nd Offense: 11/29 in jail, suspended, all but 45 days, day-for-day (maybe eligible for work release), 11 months/29 days probation, $600.00 fine, alcohol safety school with extensive probation officer responsibilities, loss of license for two years and court costs.

3rd Offense: 11/29 in jail, suspended, all but 120 days (no work release), 11 months/29 days probation, $1100.00 fine, alcohol safety school, extensive probation responsibilities, loss of license for three years and court costs.


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Client Testimonials

"I had gotten myself into real trouble, my drinking was over the top and I needed HELP, legal and treatment for my addiction. Robert Vaughn was recommended by a friend. The first thing that made me feel that there was a glimmer of hope was his willingness to talk to me and assess the problems. The next thing was his advice on treatment and his ability to talk with the DA and arrive at a course of action which would help me initially and in the future. I am grateful that Robert Vaughn helped me, his actions have likely saved my LIFE. Great Attorney-Great Man Sincerely" – B.B – Hendersonville, TN

“Robert Vaughn cares very much about his clients and doing the very best job that he can for them. He is very knowledgeable about the court system...if it wasn’t for him, my father would’ve been in prison. I was also very pleased with his help for me on two DUI’s. I have confidence and great respect for him...he definitely goes beyond the call of duty. He eased my mind from the fear that I had for my father’s case and my cases and I knew that I could depend on him.” – V.S – Nashville, Tennessee

"I did not think a 2nd DUI would ever happen to me. I was so embarassed because it can and it did. I knew I was going to need a very good attorney, this being a 2nd offense. I did my homework this time and decided on Robert Vaughn. The circumstances were very questionable and I needed the best DUI lawyer I could find to get me out of this. Mr. Vaughn not only saved my license but saved me so much money down the road in SR22 costs. He listened to me, he believed in me and he is a great lawyer who knew how to make the facts of my case work for me. I recommend Robert Vaughn first thing when anyone tells me they 'know someone with a DUI'. He's the one to handle it." – C.W. – Cookeville, TN

"We were visiting Nashville from Texas, turned down a one-way street, and my wife got a DUI. We spoke to several attorneys by phone before deciding on Robert Vaughn. He treated us with great care...even our court dates were set with our convenience in mind so that the travelling back and forth from Texas to Tennessee would be minimized. My wife's case was dismissed, Robert did an excellent job and we are very happy to have found his office. It is not an easy thing to go through having charges filed against you from another state. Outstanding service from an attorney. Office staff were always polite, professional and took care of us (Thank you, Lisa & Lesley!)" – C.A. – TEXAS

Robert Vaughn has been voted the #1 DUI Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee in the Nashville Scene 2008 "Best of Nashville" Poll (October 15, 2008). A sincere THANK YOU to our clients and the people of Nashville.